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Fyrelane USA New Annoucement!

Fyrelane USA has grown over the years in the fire industry, leading with product innovation in the market place while priding itself in the quality you deserve. As of January, 2020 Fyrelane USA has been put under new executive management which allow us to better serve our customers in the fire industry. We are also providing you with a new business model that will make it more favorable in pricing for our customers. Effective June 1st, 2020 Fyrelane USA will be launching it’s new pricing for our customers and looking forward to growing with you into a long lasting business partnership.


Fyrelane USA FDC Connections are quality worth talking about!

Fyrelane USA manufacturing process is cutting edge and provides exceptional quality. Our FDC Connections are manufacturing in the USA and we stand behind our brand. Our brand is superior in quality from start to finish. If you are interested in getting more information please feel free to reach out to one of our sales representatives standing by at 1-855-359-9555.

Product available in various options 4″ female pipe thread, 6″ female pipe thread also coming in 30 degree down turns.


Fyrelane USA FDC Kits Available, Hard Coat Anodized Type III Black



Fyrelane Teddy – The Get Up Challenge

Today in the office Fyrelane Teddy does the get up challenge.



Enhance your connection time with – Hydra Storz Adapters

Storz adapters have been used in the industry to allow fire departments to connect to water sources in an instant. These connections are widely used on the LDH hoses with a Storz coupling at the end of the hose, sometimes these connections can be 5” storz couplings or 4” storz couplings. Taking that quick connect method and joining it with a Hydra Storz Adapter and standardizing your hydrants to have these fittings already existing on the hydrant when the fire department arrives can save time during a fire. This would be able to limit loss of life and property when such event occurs. Hydra Storz adapters are widely used in departments across the nation and even in other countries.


What makes the Hydra Storz adapters unique is the check valve like feature that has been engineered into the center of the Storz adapter. This is to only allow the flow of water one way and when the source of water has been cut off the butterfly vanes close back to a sealed position. When the butterfly vanes are closed this keeps foreign objects, small animals and other related items from being place inside the hydrant.  The best part about the Hydra Storz adapter is not having to remove any caps prior to using. Just pull up on scene create hose slack and then begin your connection and in seconds you are connect up to the fire hydrant and ready to flow water to the fire scene. Traditional connections are still widely used today but, we are working to provide a better response time with water to fire in seconds verse minutes.


Image taken by: Justin Allred - Other Red Photography

This picture was taken in Collin County, Texas during an actual structural fire. It’s important to be able to connect to a hydrant as quick as possible so that you are able to get water on the fire. Fyrelane USA – Hydra Storz Adapters are able to assist in this matter and enhance response time through connections of couplings. (Image taken by: Justin Allred – Other Red Photography)


Our product has benefits to both water departments and fire departments. The Water Department will benefit using our Storz without a blind cap placed on them to control theft of water. (Example: a small truck hooks up to 2.5” hose nozzle on the hydrant not using Hydra Storz and with a cap placed on the hydrant to block the pressure, then water will be directed to the 2.5″ hose connection and thus allowing them to fill their tank. Using a Hydra Storz adapter and not having a blind cap on will not allow them to connect up to a large diameter hose connection and the water will proceed to go out the 4” or 4.5” pumper nozzle on the hydrant thus not allowing the person to obtain water from the 2.5” hose nozzle. Fire Department will benefit from having a quicker access in connecting up in protecting life and property. Hydra Storz Adapters can help enhance your ISO rating when response time and water delivery is enhanced to a quicker response time delivering water to the fire scene.

When a water department or fire department is in need of using the 2.5” hose nozzle side they would typically place a blind cap onto the Storz and this will hold the pressure from coming out of the Storz allowing you to obtain access to the 2.5” hose nozzle for pressure testing and other service related duties.



Beaver Dam Fire District – Pre-Con Model 3 (PC3) Intake Valve testimonial

The Pre-Con Valve is built to last and the support we carry for our valve is superior in the market. Please see this testimonial review from one of our users of nearly 20 years on the same valve since 2000. Thank you Beaver Dam Fire District for your long term business with our company and we look forward to many more years.



What is a Carlin Valve and when it is necessary? (Article by QRFS) []

To go to original link please click here: What is a Carlin Valve and when it is necessary?

What is a Carlin Valve and When is it Necessary?

A firefighter at a hydrant

Carlin valves, a kind of automatic hydrant gate valve, can prevent damage to the pumper and free up firefighting personnel
When a fire breaks out, one of the first tasks facing the engine company is locating and connecting to a suitable water source. Often, connecting a supply of water to fire engines requires leaving a designated hydrant person behind at a fire hydrant while the rest of the crew proceeds to the scene.

In this article, we look at how an automatic hydrant gate valve known as a Carlin valve can reduce risks to first responders and keep the engine company whole. We begin by explaining the risks associated with hydrant activation and what the hydrant person does. Then, we turn to the design, benefits, and use of Carlin valves.

If you are looking to purchase a Carlin valve, call us at +1 (888) 361-6662 or email

The hydrant person controls fire hydrant activation and prevents damage to piping and firefighting equipment
A few things might happen when firefighters arrive at the scene of a fire: first, the engine stops at a nearby hydrant, where one firefighter – the hydrant person – gets off the truck. This person secures one end of a supply hose to the hydrant, often by looping it around the hydrant’s base or connecting it to the hydrant with a strap.

Then, the hydrant person opens the hydrant, flushes out the debris, and closes the hydrant again. In the meantime, the engine advances toward the scene, dropping hose behind it. The firefighter at the hydrant connects the hose to the hydrant and waits for the signal to flow water. This video shows how this individual has to stay behind:

One critical task facing the hydrant person is flow control. Firefighters start and stop hydrant flows gradually because sudden changes can damage hydrants, fire engines, and other equipment. Ultimately, this is because water lacks compressibility: when a pipe or other water-filled container is placed under pressure, the water inside doesn’t become (much) more compact. Instead, it prefers to move elsewhere, surging through the pipes, flowing through an open orifice, or bursting through weak spots in the pipe.

These sudden increases in pressure within piping systems are known as hydraulic transients, pressure surges, or simply “water hammer.” When a valve suddenly opens or closes, the sudden movement of water inside can deform or even break pipes and other fittings.

At fire hydrants, water hammer can prove costly and even dangerous. The most common problem is that shockwaves from quick hydrant closure cause the water mains supplying the hydrant to break, impairing firefighting operations and causing flooding. But these shocks can also travel between the hydrant and pumping equipment, injuring nearby firefighters or damaging equipment. In this news clip, we see some of the possible effects of water hammer; in this case, multiple burst pipes that shut down several nearby fast-food joints:

Carlin valves open at a controlled rate, allowing the hydrant person to stay with the engine while preventing water hammer at the pumper
Carlin valves can prove helpful when water hammer from the hydrant to the pumper is a concern – or when engine companies can’t afford to spare even a single firefighter. The Carlin valve, a type of automatic hydrant gate valve, installs between a fire hose coupling and a hydrant outlet to control the flow of water.

Carlin valve
This Model CV45A Carlin valve from Fyrelane USA connects to a 4″ Storz hydrant nozzle with a 5″ Storz hose connection. Source: Fyrelane USA.

Carlin valves manage water flows using a sliding gate: a disc raised or lowered into the path of water flow. Early on, this gate remains only partially opened. As a result, the hydrant side of the valve fills quickly, while the fire hose fills gradually. Closing the other end of the hose allows it to fill completely, creating equal water pressure on both sides of the gate. At that point, the water inside the hose pushes the gate up fully, opening the valve.

These automatic hydrant gate valves can greatly simplify the task facing the hydrant person. A Carlin valve – in the closed position – and a supply hose are attached to the fire hydrant. The hydrant person pulls a length of hose from the engine and quickly opens the hydrant. After verifying that the hydrant is flowing water, the hydrant person can activate the valve, adjust the flow rate, and return to the fire engine.

After that, firefighters travel to the fire scene. The other end of the hose is closed off using a suction inlet valve, portable distribution manifold, or an approved hose clamp. Then, when the hose fills with water, the Carlin valve opens, allowing the hydrant to flow freely.

Built on a simple mechanical principle, the Carlin valve offers reliability and several other benefits
Carlin valves aren’t the only kind of hydrant gate valve available, or even the only automatic type. Some remote-controlled hydrant gate valves offer comparable benefits with remote or radio-controlled gates. But while other automatic flow-retarding valves may rely on battery power, springs, or other mechanisms to raise the gate, the Carlin valve operates on a much more straightforward principle: hydraulic displacement. When both sides of the Carlin valve’s gate reach an equal pressure, water lifts the gate out of the path of water flow.

But reliability isn’t their only benefit: Carlin valves also reduce human error, preventing flows from starting too fast or too soon. And while they don’t address the problem of water hammer from the hydrant to the water mains, their slow-filling design greatly reduces the likelihood of pressure surges between the hydrant and the pumper. Further, water enters supply hose as the engine advances, adding extra weight that can prevent twisting or snaking of the hose.

The Carlin valve can also prevent situations where hose is laid from a dry or inoperative hydrant. The engine stays with the hydrant person until the hydrant is opened, allowing the hydrant person to verify whether water is flowing and disconnect the supply hose and immediately return to the engine if a problem is discovered. Carlin valves also allow firefighters to control hydrant flow from the pumper. Because this hydrant gate valve remains partially opened until pressure equalizes, firefighters can remotely activate the hydrant simply by closing off the end of the hose opposite the hydrant.

Carlin valves adjust to meet the specifications of particular hoses and hydrants
Flowing too much water into the supply line too quickly can cause water to fill the hose before it leaves the hose bed, while filling too slowly can delay firefighting operations. As a result, each Carlin valve must be calibrated at least once before being placed into service. By adjusting the flow rate for a specific hydrant, hose type, and hose length, these automatic hydrant gate valves can provide the safety and speed needed at the fire scene.

As an example, we’ll look at the Model CV45A Carlin valve from Fyrelane USA, a Texas-based manufacturer of fire protection products. While these steps won’t be the same for each valve, the company’s manual shows a helpful checklist of calibration steps:

Prepare the Carlin valve for calibration. Attach the Carlin Valve to 100 feet of hose of the same size and type that will be used. Connect the Carlin Valve to the hydrant. Close the other end of the hose with a cap, hose clamp, or a closed pumper intake valve.
Begin flowing water. The cam lever controls the valve’s fill rate, while the stop lever prevents the cam lever from opening too far. Set the stop lever in the middle position. Then, fully open the hydrant. Release the safety catch and move the cam lever to the same position as the stop lever.
Measure hose filling time. Fyrelane’s documentation recommends a 30-second fill rate for 100 feet of hose. The gate will fully open a few seconds after the hose has fully pressurized.
Adjust the fill rate. Close the hydrant and bleed the hose. To increase the flow rate, take the shims from the top of the gate-shaft lever and place them on the underside. To decrease the flow rate, remove shims from the bottom of the lever. Empty the hose and repeat the previous steps as needed to reach the proper fill rate.
Arm the valve. After determining the desired setting, close the hydrant, bleed the hose, and remove the Carlin valve from the hydrant. Push the gate shaft lever down until it reaches the roller and lock it in place by latching the cam lever under the safety catch.
Add a Carlin valve to your firefighting arsenal

QRFS is proud to distribute Carlin valves from Fyrelane USA, a manufacturer with four decades of experience producing equipment for water-based systems. Their selection includes Carlin valves for the most common hydrants and hoses – including 4″ and 4 1/2″ National Standard Thread (NST) and 4″ and 5″ Storz couplings – and custom sizes by special order.

With an adjustable discharge rate, automatic activation, and a wide range of replacement parts readily available, these American-made hydrant gate valves are designed to put your hydrants, engines, and fire professionals to good use.


(This blog was originally posted at If this article helped you make an informed decision about Carlin valves, check us out at or on Twitter @QuickResponseFS.)


Firehouse World 2019 – Los Angeles, CA Booth #1426 March 26th-28th, 2019

Fyrelane USA is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at the Firehouse World 2019 in Los Angeles California. We will be exhibiting in Booth 1426 and showcasing our superior quality fire products. Stop by and visit our booth and meet with one of our friendly staff members. Look forward to meeting with you and have safe travels.



Fyrelane fire hydrant wrenches now available.

Product Description: Fyrelane USA Adjustable fire hydrant wrench.

· Adjustable fire hydrant wrench (Constructed of Iron, then zinc plated and coated in a durable black paint leaving a smooth finish)
· Wrench Rod 17” Length (Constructed of Iron and Zinc Plated for durability)
· For loosening caps and opening valves
· Fits bolt head sizes from 1-1/2″ to 3″


Interactive Catalog – Wrenches


Fyrelane USA – FDC Plates now available

Currently Fyrelane USA now offers FDC Plates for your FDC Connections this is for the 4″ Pipe Thread sizing.  Fire Department Connection Aluminum Plates are constructed of stamped 6061 Aluminum, with red industrial powder coating and the letters are painted with a white liquid coat paint.

OD – 9.75″ / ID – 4.63″

FDC AUTO SPKR Drawing Spec


Fyrelane USA Booth #1331 Firehouse Expo, Nashville, TN Oct 18-20, 2018

Fyrelane USA – We will be exhibiting at the Firehouse Expo in Nashville, Tennessee stop by and visit us meet with our friendly staff at the show. Save the Date October 18th – October 20th, 2018.


Fyrelane USA is now offering extended warranties on it’s valves.

Fyrelane USA offers a 3 year manufacturer warranty on all valves, and NOW we are offering additional protection for your valve. We have put together 2 types of extended warranties that we offer on our valves a 3 year extended warranty or a 5 year extended warranty. This gives you a total option of 8 years protection on your valve if you decide to choose the 5 year extended plan.  If you have questions about our extended warranty please contact us at 1-855-359-9555 and speak with one of our associates.


Fyrelane USA is now a member of FEMSA Organization

Fyrelane USA is now a proud member of the FEMSA Organization. We strive to improve the emergency response industry through product innovation.


Product Update: Hydra-Storz Adapters Product Finishing Update

Attn: Customers & Distributors

Currently the Hydra-Storz adapters are no longer being offered with the gray industrial powder coating as of January 02, 2018.

We are now using a more durable coating to protect our Hydra-Storz Adapters in the harshest environments. The new finish we are utilizing is the MIL-A-8625 Type III anodize, which provides a longer lasting product finish. Hard Coat Anodizing Type III allows for added benefits such as corrosion resistance, improved lubrication, increase wear resistance, increase abrasion resistance & non-contaminating. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact our offices at 1-855-359-9555.


Hydra-Storz Adapters

Hydra-Storz Adapters


Thank you for your understanding.

Fyrelane USA


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Fyrelane USA.


Fyrelane USA Office and Warehouse Closures

Effective: Dec 1st 2017

Subject: December Holiday Schedule

Dear, Customers & Vendors

Effective the week of December 18th thru Jan 2nd We will not ship or receive any product due to our plant closures. Our warehouse and manufacturing operations will resume normal business operations on January 2nd 2018.

Fyrelane USA corporate office will be closed on December 25th and December 26th. We will resume operations on December 27th thru 29th and then close again on January 1st 2018 for New Years. We will resume normal operational hours on January 2nd 2018 along with our Warehouse and Manufacturing Operations.
During this time, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and a very happy new year.


Please click here to view letter: Holiday Closure Letter



Hydra Shield Launches Fyrelane USA Brand 2018 Catalog.

Fyrelane USA releases its 2018 catalog early. Fyrelane continues to grow it’s brand in a competitive market and brings innovative products to its product line. Stay tuned and check back on or for updates and new product developments.

Please see the new 2018 catalog here: 2018FyrelaneProductCatalogonline1


Fire Departments, improving efficiency with storz adapters.

Did you know that 10% of fires account for 90% of loss of life and property? House fires spread especially fast, typically taking 7 minutes to blaze out of control.

Let’s break it down. It can take 1 minute to receive a 911 call and dispatch, 3 minutes to route to the fire emergency, and sometimes up to 1.5 minutes to get the first drop of water flowing. That only leaves firefighters 1.5 crucial minutes to manage the flames. Bottom line? Every second counts.

To better protect our communities, a growing number of our nation’s fire departments are making solid strides toward improving efficiencies and speeding up response times by updating current systems with innovative, streamlined solutions. Storz adapters are a prime example of these efforts.

Storz adapters are widely regarded as a time-saving, effective alternative to locking hoses with threaded couplings, which can often take several turns to connect a hose to a hydrant. Fyrelane USA’s newly-designed, American-manufactured Storz adapter system quickly and easily connects with a simple quarter turn — in 3 seconds or less — without removing caps, unjamming chains or worrying about cross-threading, which can put a hydrant out of service.

Our innovative, patented Storz adapters are made of 6061 T-6 forged aluminum with rugged 316 stainless steel butterfly vanes designed for maximum efficiency by automatically opening with water flow and automatically closing when water flow is stopped. Plus, they standardize hydrants to fit a fire truck’s need for 5” Storz or 4” Storz connections, and allows for quicker response times by limiting the use of threading adapters at the scene.

Fyrelane USA’s first-rate design makes our Storz adapter connectors tamper resistant and reduces maintenance costs. Plus, they can quickly and easily be installed. And an entire system can be converted for a fraction of the cost of conventional Storz fittings. However, it’s not necessary to convert an entire system all at one time. We’re also able to customize engraving into the Storz for a more professional, long-lasting look.

For more information on Fyrelane USA and to find out how we can help speed up your response time, please contact us at 1.855.359.9555.

Fyrelane USA a Hydra-Shield DBA is a family-owned and operated business, built on a foundation of more than 38+ years of manufacturing experience, great customer service and competitive pricing. We help protect our communities by providing a variety of top-quality, American-made products to fire industries that produce greater efficiencies and faster response times.


Fyrelane USA © Copyright 2017 by Christina White


Fyrelane USA Latest Video

Please check out our latest video below!


Newly Designed Fyrelane Storz Adapters


Storz Adapters

Fyrelane is pleased to introduced its quality newly designed look for its storz adapters.

  • We are able to customize the engraving into the storz for a more professional and long lasting look.
  • Includes Batch Dates for order tracking.
  • Quality Materials.
  • 6061 T-6 Forged Aluminum.
  • Grey powder coating.
  • American Manufactured.
If you would like to look into Fyrelane USA (a Hydra-Shield Company) Manufacturing your storz or you would like to add your company name engraved onto the side or city name. (Note: We do require minimum runs of 50+ in order to do custom engravings) this is designed to keep the cost low.  Please contact us at 1-855-359-9555 with any questions.