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Hydra Storz Instant Response Coupling System.
  When Time is of the essence, Fyrelane USA Hydra Storz Instant Response Coupling System can save property and lives.
Fyrelane USA publishes new updated catalog
Please click the link or the picture to view our update catalog. Fyrelane Product 2018-webready  
Traditional Hook up vs Hydra Storz Adapters
Save connection time with our Hydra-Storz adapters. Fyrelane USA Hydra Storz Video from Fyrelane USA on Vimeo.
Keep Your Prime
The only auto-adjusting valve on the market.
Get in the Fast Lane
Get in the fast lane with Fyrelane USA. A new class of top-quality fire response products and solutions.
Free Your Manpower
Pre-con: The only automatic intake valve on the market.