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Enhance your connection time with – Hydra Storz Adapters

Storz adapters have been used in the industry to allow fire departments to connect to water sources in an instant. These connections are widely used on the LDH hoses with a Storz coupling at the end of the hose, sometimes these connections can be 5” storz couplings or 4” storz couplings. Taking that quick connect method and joining it with a Hydra Storz Adapter and standardizing your hydrants to have these fittings already existing on the hydrant when the fire department arrives can save time during a fire. This would be able to limit loss of life and property when such event occurs. Hydra Storz adapters are widely used in departments across the nation and even in other countries.


What makes the Hydra Storz adapters unique is the check valve like feature that has been engineered into the center of the Storz adapter. This is to only allow the flow of water one way and when the source of water has been cut off the butterfly vanes close back to a sealed position. When the butterfly vanes are closed this keeps foreign objects, small animals and other related items from being place inside the hydrant.  The best part about the Hydra Storz adapter is not having to remove any caps prior to using. Just pull up on scene create hose slack and then begin your connection and in seconds you are connect up to the fire hydrant and ready to flow water to the fire scene. Traditional connections are still widely used today but, we are working to provide a better response time with water to fire in seconds verse minutes.


Image taken by: Justin Allred - Other Red Photography

This picture was taken in Collin County, Texas during an actual structural fire. It’s important to be able to connect to a hydrant as quick as possible so that you are able to get water on the fire. Fyrelane USA – Hydra Storz Adapters are able to assist in this matter and enhance response time through connections of couplings. (Image taken by: Justin Allred – Other Red Photography)


Our product has benefits to both water departments and fire departments. The Water Department will benefit using our Storz without a blind cap placed on them to control theft of water. (Example: a small truck hooks up to 2.5” hose nozzle on the hydrant not using Hydra Storz and with a cap placed on the hydrant to block the pressure, then water will be directed to the 2.5″ hose connection and thus allowing them to fill their tank. Using a Hydra Storz adapter and not having a blind cap on will not allow them to connect up to a large diameter hose connection and the water will proceed to go out the 4” or 4.5” pumper nozzle on the hydrant thus not allowing the person to obtain water from the 2.5” hose nozzle. Fire Department will benefit from having a quicker access in connecting up in protecting life and property. Hydra Storz Adapters can help enhance your ISO rating when response time and water delivery is enhanced to a quicker response time delivering water to the fire scene.

When a water department or fire department is in need of using the 2.5” hose nozzle side they would typically place a blind cap onto the Storz and this will hold the pressure from coming out of the Storz allowing you to obtain access to the 2.5” hose nozzle for pressure testing and other service related duties.