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HSLOGOSince 1979, Hydra-Shield has been a leader in the hydrant security industry, designing and manufacturing the highest quality fire hydrant locking devices known on the market. Hydra Shield also manufactures many other security products for the water distribution systems that assist you in maintaining system control. At Hydra Shield we have over 35 years of experience in the industry providing our products to municipalities across the United States. We also have a growing recognition in the international markets.

Our mission is to design and manufacture products to deter contamination, vandalism, water theft and terrorism of water systems. These issues can put a burden on city services and the taxpayers, costing upwards of millions of dollars a year. The need for hydrant security grows every year as water begins to be more expensive to maintain and manage as populations grow in municipalities. Don’t let your city be a victim of rising costs in illegal water usage or criminal mischief.  Our customers rely on our products such as the Custodian, Dome Lock, V-Lock, Security Caps and Plug Locks to instill a strong sense of confidence in their water protection. Protect and Preserve our most valuable resource by contacting a Hydra Shield associate today at 1-800-676-0911.