Hydra-Storz Adapters

Fyrelane is pleased to introduce its newly designed Hydra-storz adapters. Be Pro-Active and Retro Fit Today.


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Fyrelane USA has a quality storz adapter for your fire department needs. Our storz adapter is a quick-connecting system that lets you hook up to a hydrant without removing caps, unjamming chains or worrying about cross threading. Access is restricted to authorized personnel if you use our storz adapter with out the blind cap. (Note: Caps are needed if you are using the other 2.5" nst Ports.)
Our Hydra Storz adapter is cold pressed forged made of 6061 Aluminum, heat treated to T-6 with 316 stainless steel butterfly vanes, which opens the storz adapter when water pressure is applied.
This configuration makes our storz adapter connectors tamper resistant, reduces maintenance costs and is perfect for mutual aid by standardizing the connection to a 4" or 5" base. Our Storz connectors can be installed quickly and easily. A whole system can be converted for a fraction of the cost of conventional storz fittings.
Phasing-in operations can be done over a period of time, targeting specific areas each year as funds are available. It is not necessary to convert an entire system all at one time. These innovative and patented storz adapters are a perfect solution for localities with multiple or nonstandard thread configurations throughout the area
  • We are able to customize the engraving into the storz for a more professional and long lasting look.
  • Includes Batch Dates for order tracking.
  • Quality Materials.
  • 6061 T-6 Forged Aluminum.
  • Grey powder coating.
  • American Manufactured.
If you would like to look into Fyrelane USA (a Hydra-Shield Company) Manufacturing your Storz or you would like to add your company name engraved onto the side or city name. (Note: We do require minimum runs of 50+ in order to do custom engravings) this is designed to keep the cost low.  Please contact us at 1-855-359-9555 with any questions or fill out our Storz Request Form below.