About Us


FYRELANE USA provides various fire products. Our Corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas and our facilities are located in Houston, Texas and also Corsicana, Texas. We pride our self in American made products. We have been working to create a new brand in the fire products market to offer you great customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing. We wanted to offer you a company identity that is separate from our parent company, which will give you a special place to access your fire equipment needs. So, we offer you “FYRELANE USA”, designed strictly for fire departments and our fire product distributors to have a fast lane to fire products.

Why Choose Fyrelane USA?

Because we pride ourselves in having a product that is –

  • American Manufactured.

  • Made with Quality Materials.

  • Superior in warranty’s’.

  • Built with trusted Support.

  • Built with Over 35+ years in manufacturing.

  • Family Owned and Operated.